When I first started working with SharePoint, I was concerned that I wouldn't have an adequate environment for a home lab.

Google around, you'll see -- the recommendations for running a home lab with Hyper-V are pretty crazy. (Admittedly, this machine would be SWEET! So much RAM...)

Regardless, I tried to make do with what I have. I figured, why not use my gaming rig?

- AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processor

- 16GB RAM

- Samsung SSD (840 Series)

- Various 7200RPM HDD's

- AMD Radeon HD 7870

First, I attempted to run Hyper-V in the native Windows 8.1 environment. It worked, but man, was it pokey.

Next, I decided to dual boot an evaluation version of Windows Server 2012 in its own environment -- now we're talking.

This setup suffices for basic testing of a three-tier SharePoint farm environment, and is surprisingly fast, especially given that all the VM's are running on the same HDD. I set the parameters as follows:

- WFE (Web front end): 4GB RAM, 2 processor cores

- SQL: 6GB RAM, 2 processor cores

- APP (Application server): 4GB RAM, 2 processor cores

- DC1 (Domain controller): 1GB RAM, 1 processor core

Ideally, in the future, I'd love to get a large SSD or hybrid drive to further speed up the environment in the interim before I can get a "real" server! Plus, the SQL Server needs a lot more RAM and processor power, I know...



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