In my previous post, I shared a case where a client wanted to be able to see what was going on in individual employees' OneDrive for Business Sites -- it isn't enabled by default, but it's possible to easily give access to an admin for all sites with some nifty PowerShell scripting.

This is a great solution for companies who have an existing SharePoint Online environment, but what if a company is just starting out? Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to assign administrator access to all new OneDrive for Business sites automatically? (Because, of course, these are provisioned automatically by default when new users are added.) Not very long ago, there was no way to do this. Fortunately, Microsoft listened to users' pleas and has added the ability to do this automatically.
The first step is to head to the Admin center of Office 365 and click on the SharePoint section under Admin.
Then, click on User Profiles in the sidebar. As I discussed in my previous entry, OneDrive for Business sites are really just fancy "My Sites" built on a SharePoint frame. As such, the next step is to click on "Setup My Sites."
As you scroll through the setting, you'll spot something new -- the My Site Secondary Admin option. The description says it all -- enabling this will automatically add whatever user you put in the box as a second admin to all new My Sites that are created. I professionally recommend that you use a security group to do this, as even smaller companies may have more than one IT employee responsible for OneDrive for Business sites.

After setting the option, simply save the changes, and all new OneDrive for Business sites will have the secondary admin added automatically.


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